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Print on Demand Dropshipping

You create. Sell to others or get one for yourself.

We handle production, packing, and shipping, delivering your products to customers or directly to you.

Looking to Sell Custom Products Online Without Capital Worries?

Print on demand dropshipping perfectly meets the need. It’s an e-commerce business model that allows storekeepers to design and sell their custom products, but no need to stock and ship merchandises. Briefly, design and sell first, then pay later.

So, who helps with the following work of on-demand printing and fulfillment? Fibobus, a print on demand dropshipper, makes its entrance. We materialize your design idea and turn it into a custom-made product. In addition, we package and ship it to your final buyers.

Design for Free

Join us for free and upload your logo. Share your design requirements with the Fibobus assistant, and we'll assist in creating a demo and coordinating production.

2500+ Products

Explore over 2,500 customizable products spanning 20 diverse categories, such as t-shirts, shoes, bags, home decor, and much more, ready for your unique designs and selling endeavors.

Worldwide Shipping

Collaborate with print providers in China,Singapore, and Vietnam. Our custom-printed products can be shipped to destinations across the globe.

How does this work?

Become a Member

Join in fibobus and upload your logo and customize needs at sourcing page.

Design and preview

We'll provide you with a customization demo. Once you review the design and MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), we'll create the product in your Fibobus account. From there, it seamlessly syncs to your online store.

Order Fulfillment

As soon as orders are received, Fibobus Dropshipping automatically syncs them with the platform. We then initiate the customization process and promptly deliver the products to your valued customers.

Advantages of Fibobus Print on Demand Drop Shipping

Store owners often express concerns about print-on-demand dropshipping, including worries about extended production and shipping times, subpar product quality, inadequate printing, challenges with returns and refunds, and difficulty in maintaining brand control.

However, with Fibobus, your concerns can rest at ease.

Fibobus POD Practice

Fibobus has made numerous attempts in the realm of customization and POD (Print on Demand). We offer personalized customization options for various products such as paper bags, labels, hangtags, packaging tape, thank you cards, and more.

In addition, we also support product customization. If you have a specific idea in mind, our team can bring it to life for you. With Fibobus, you can even start showcasing your brand on products with a minimum order quantity as low as 10 pieces. Join forces with Fibobus today and kickstart your brand effortlessly.

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