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The Genesis of Our Journey

At the outset, there were just four of us, united by a singular passion – ECOMMERCE.

Our mission? To craft a comprehensive dropshipping platform accessible to everyone, everywhere, and at any time.Make every seller master their dropshipping at ease.

When dropshipping first came onto our radar, it was a burgeoning idea. Yet, our exploration revealed that no existing solutions provided an all-encompassing suite of services for dropshippers to seamlessly automate their businesses and simplify their business.

Therefore,Fibobus come.

About Us

Meet FiboBus! 🌟 We’re your cuddly dropshipping buddies offering top-notch fulfillment magic. Guess what? Our nifty app is absolutely free for all you dropship dreamers.

Though we’re young at heart 💖, our paws have danced across the realms of cross-border e-commerce, techy-wrecky IT, global trade jigs, and customer cuddles. Born in 2010, we’ve grown to become one of the fluffiest top kitties in the e-commerce jungle.

Ensuring tip-top efficiency, our FiboFam has grown to 60 members. We’ve also got some fancy schmancy logistics tools and a high-tech WMS (that’s “warehouse magic system” 😉) to juggle up to 18,000 packages daily in our spacious 3000㎡ playpen! 📦🎉

Our Service

We Provide Exceptional Solutions for Dropshippers

Order Fullfill

FIBOBUS is your go-to dropshipping automation solution for e-commerce. Link your online store with us for seamless order processing. Customers' orders auto-sync, and with just payment completion on your end, we handle fulfillment. Plus, we directly update your store with tracking numbers.

Global Sourcing

Enhance your store's selection without the burden of upfront inventory costs. Dive deep into a vast array of products, and effortlessly integrate them into your store's catalog. Gain unparalleled access to premium and limited-edition dropshipping items that remain elusive elsewhere, giving your shop a distinct edge in the marketplace.


Our POD service empowers sellers to produce items individually or in small lots. Instead of mass production, Fibobus ensures items are crafted only upon order, drastically minimizing waste. This not only allows for maximum customization but also significantly reduces expenses.


FIBOBUS's Sample Service lets sellers personally try out products before making a bulk purchase. Experience the tangible quality, design, and craftsmanship firsthand. This hands-on approach ensures you're fully confident in the products you offer to your customers. With FIBOBUS, see and feel the difference for yourself.

Why Choose Us

Efficiently source products and fulfill orders with our automated platform.

Unique customer experience with pod, customized packaging and white lable.

Maximize profitability in your niche market with our trending&winning products.

Grow your store catalogue with thousands of products at wholesale prices and no minimum order quantity.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our team prompt response and received a 98.5% rating for exceptional customer satisfaction.

Global Shipping

Fast dropshipping is now possible worldwide. And a variety of transportation options are available.

Tracking Automation

The tracking numbers are imported to your store automatically as soon as the orders are shipped.

White Label

We ensure that all our suppliers ship White Label so your brand is protected.

Join with FIBOBUS

To Master Your Dropshipping at Ease